Debt Collection a Major Source of Consumer Complaints in Pennsylvania

Unfortunately, problems with debt collectors are something many people in Pennsylvania end up facing. This can be seen in how common complaints about debt collectors are among consumers in the state.

According to a recent report by the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, in recent years, debt collection complaints have made up a big portion of the complaints the bureau has received from Pennsylvania consumers.

Of the 35,964 complaints consumers in the state filed with the bureau from 2015 to the halfway point of 2018, 9,743 involved debt collection. This is around 27 percent of all complaints. This is more than any other complaint type.

What type of debt collection complaints are most common in Pennsylvania? According to the bureau, claims of attempted collection of debt a consumer doesn’t actually owe hold this top spot. Such complaints made up 41 percent of the collection-related complaints the bureau received from consumers in Pennsylvania during the above time period.

Problems with debt collectors can be incredibly stressful for consumers. Sometimes, they leave consumers feeling powerless against abusive collection practices. However, it is critical to remember that consumers have important rights and protections when it comes to debt collection. This includes federal protections, such as those coming from the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. These things can provide important avenues for relief for consumers who are subjected to wrongful conduct by collectors.

Skilled consumer protection lawyers can advise people of what options they have available in this regard. Such lawyers can also guide consumers through the process of pursuing such avenues.