Matthew B. Weisberg, Esq. Makes Second Appearance Before SCOTUS

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In his second appearance before the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS), Matthew B. Weisberg, Esq. successfully argued that agencies of the United States government can be held liable in claims seeking damages under The Fair Credit Reporting ACT (FCRA).

In a unanimous decision on Feb. 8, 2024, the court affirmed the Third Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling that government agencies are not immune from lawsuits brought by consumers alleging violations of the FCRA. The issue at hand in Department of Agriculture Rural Development Rural Housing Service v. Kirtz, No. 22-846, was whether the USDA was liable for falsely reporting the respondent’s loan as past-due to credit reporting agencies, causing damage to the respondent’s credit.

In the original lawsuit, the USDA claimed in its defense that it could invoke “sovereign immunity” to preclude liability for its actions regarding violations of the FCRA. The Third Circuit disagreed, finding that the FCRA waives such immunity. All justices of the Supreme Court affirmed this decision, clarifying that a “person”—as referenced in the FCRA—may be interpreted to include any government agency.

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