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Did Law Enforcement Cause You Serious Injury?

Should we be deemed a suspect by law enforcement, our constitutional rights don’t become null and void during arrest. In fact, it’s during an arrest that light should shine on your constitutional and civil rights. While police officers are allowed to use reasonable force to apprehend a suspect, they are not entitled to engage in excessive force or wanton violence to do so.

If you were victimized by any form of police brutality, Weisberg Law can hold law enforcement accountable for your injuries and violations of your civil rights. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to helping clients who have endured incredible violence at the hands of police officers. No one should have to experience an officer’s use of excessive force without seeking justice through a civil claim seeking fair and just compensation.

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When Does an Officer’s Force Become Excessive?

A police officer’s use of force during an arrest is permitted, but it must be reasonable. Often, reasonable force can be determined by evaluating the circumstances of the arrest. Force, then, can become excessive if the means of getting a suspect to surrender severely outweigh their necessity.

Fictional examples of excessive force may include:

  • Intimidation by using weapons and other equipment
  • Physical abuse of a suspect in custody
  • Sexual abuse during searches
  • Faking arrests to intimidate a suspect
  • Unlawful destruction of property
  • Killing pets to intimidate a suspect

According to the Philadelphia Police Department’s directive regarding force, the department permits its officers to use only the minimal amount of safe and reasonable force that it takes to overcome resistance.

Other police departments in neighboring locales may have different policies, but if you feel the circumstances of your arrests didn’t warrant the use of force you received, you can hold anyone responsible accountable for your injuries.

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