Governmental Abuse of Power

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Hold Government Officials & Agents Accountable

The U.S. government does not have unlimited power over citizens. Constitutional protections safeguard our rights. While federal, state and local governments often have immunity from civil litigation claims, if government officials overstep their authority, victims may be able to file a lawsuit for the damages that result.

Weisberg Law dedicates a large portion of its practice to helping clients whose civil rights have been violated by government officials and agents. When someone in a position of authority abuses their power, they should be held accountable to the person they harmed and the public for their actions.

Our governmental abuse of power attorneys in Philadelphia are keen on helping clients like you if you’ve been subjected to mistreatment or abuse from someone involved with the government. When you need help, reach out to Weisberg Law for help.

Call (610) 550-8042 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we may be able to assist you in a legal challenge against the government.

Section 1983 Lawsuits

A statute primarily known as "Section 1983" prohibits any official or government agent from depriving an individual of his or her rights under federal or constitutional law. Under Section 1983, you can sue to recover damages against an officer, a prosecutor or a government agency that violated your rights.

Common claims under Section 1983 include lawsuits against police officers for using excessive force or arresting a citizen without cause. Other representatives of the government, acting in an official capacity, may also have violated your federal, state, and constitutional protections.

Malicious Prosecution

In most cases, prosecutors have "prosecutorial immunity," meaning that they cannot be sued by criminal defendants. However, when a prosecutor attempts to obtain a conviction against you without cause simply to harass you or to ruin your reputation, it can be argued that they are engaging in malicious prosecution. In some cases, this behavior can be so outside the realm of acceptable behavior that the prosecutor loses their immunity.

While these cases can be difficult to prove, if a prosecutor has violated your federal protections, it is important to hold that individual accountable. Reach out to a governmental abuse of power attorney in Philadelphia, like ours at Weisberg Law, for assistance.

We Can Defend Your Civil Rights Against All Abuses of Power

U.S. laws grant you numerous rights, although you often have to proactively assert those rights or risk losing them. At Weisberg Law, we make it a priority to level the playing field against abuses of power, regardless of the source.

We have helped individuals in lawsuits involving:

  • Wrongful imprisonment: Were you held against your will, in violation of criminal procedure or in excess of your sentence term?
  • Violation of due process: Did procedural violations result in the wrongful revocation of your license, liberty or property?
  • Violation of equal protections: Were you subjected to misconduct due to your race, ethnicity, disability, religion or membership in a protected class?
  • First Amendment violations: Were you arrested in a protest? Your First Amendment rights grant you the right to free speech, to assemble and to protest.

Contact Weisberg Law for a free consultation with a government abuse of power attorney in Philadelphia who can help you identify responsible parties and hold them accountable.

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