Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA)

Fair Credit Report Act Attorneys in Philadelphia

Know Your Rights When It Comes to Credit Report Errors

As consumer protection advocates, our attorneys at Weisberg Law are experienced and skilled when it comes to handling credit report errors for our clients. The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a federal law that protects consumers by requiring credit reporting agencies to provide accurate information about consumers. If your credit report is damaged by an error or inaccurate information, we can help you take legal action to correct it.

Weisberg Law provides each client with the individualized level of service it takes to achieve the best possible results. Having an error on your credit report is not just frustrating, but potentially damaging to your financial affairs. A poor credit score caused by a mistake can keep you from getting the fair interest rates you deserve – or from accessing new lines of credit at all. Our Fair Credit Reporting Act services in Philadelphia can help you dispute errors on your report and repair damage they may have caused.

How the Fair Credit Reporting Act Protects You

Credit reporting agencies such as Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion are accountable to consumers for providing accurate information in their credit reports. Thanks to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, this generally provides certain rights consumers have when they discover errors or inaccuracies.

As a consumer, you are empowered in the following ways:

  • It’s your right to dispute errors. If you discover a mistake on your credit report, you can dispute it with the credit reporting agency that generated the report.
  • Credit agencies are obligated to remove mistakes. If you have reported an error on your credit report and the reporting agency cannot verify the information it has is accurate, it must remove the error within 30 days.
  • Outdated information can’t be reported. Past credit issues can only appear on your report for up to seven years, and a bankruptcy can only appear for up to 10 years. If you’re seeing outdated information appearing on your credit report, you must dispute it!
  • You can sue for damages. Credit reporting agencies in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act can be held accountable in court. Our Fair Credit Reporting Act services in Philadelphia can help you recover damages from the companies and even individuals who violated your consumer rights.

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Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA)

We Can Help You Dispute an Error

When you become aware of an error on your credit report, our attorneys can advise you of the steps you must take to dispute the mistake. We can draft a credit report dispute letter that lets the appropriate reporting agency know what is in error and help you present the appropriate evidence needed.

Should the reporting agency fail to correct the error within 30 days or believes the erroneous information is correct, Weisberg Law can help you take legal action to fix the mistake. Individual outcomes will vary, but many reports can be rectified within 30-60 days of filing a lawsuit.

Get Legal Counsel on Your Side!

Our Fair Credit Reporting Act services in Philadelphia can help people like you regain peace of mind after discovering an error or old information on your credit or background report. We invest time in learning about your situation so we can take advantage of options that may be available to you.

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