6 Common Reasons Partnerships Fail

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Business partnerships can be a great way to increase efficiency and grow your company. However, they can also fail miserably. Our Pennsylvania business litigation team outlines the most common reasons why partnerships dissolve.


One of the top reasons for partnership dissolution is financial issues. This can include mismanagement of funds, unequal contributions, or needing to be on the same page about expenses and investments. Bankruptcy or a bad economy can also contribute to financial strain in a partnership.

Inequality in workload and responsibilities

When one partner takes on more work or responsibility than the other, it can lead to frustration and resentment within the partnership.

Lack of Communication and Trust

Without open, honest communication and mutual trust, it can be difficult for partners to work together and make crucial decisions. This can lead to resentment and, ultimately, the dissolution of the partnership.

Different Goals and Priorities

All partners must be on the same page regarding the business's goals and priorities. A disagreement or mismatch in these areas can lead to tension.

Power Struggle

When partners are not able to come to a consensus or compromise on decision-making, it can lead to power struggles and negative dynamics within the partnership.

Death of One Party

If one of the parties passes away, that partner's share of the business may go to their family or friends, who may not share the same goals and priorities as the other partner(s).

Is Your Partnership Dissolving? Weisberg Law Can Help

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